Once in a while we just like to brew something a bit different. Stay tuned and will put them on this page!

Sept 2015 New Zealand Pale Ale, Double Dry Hopped for a Hop Boom! Brewed to coinside with Salford Beer Festival and hopefully the Allblacks winning the world cup (the head brewer is a Kiwi!)

October 2015 Who said British Hops can't deliver.  This is a one off golden ale brewed to raise money for defibrillators for the 3 surrounding villages.

December 2015 Christmas happens but once a year, pretty much like this double dry hopped American Red Ale. Available only in bottle.

January 2016, Belgium style beer.  Light bodied and dry on the pallet with a light bitterness.  Brewed with raisins and currants a super smooth pint.